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rex m. lee interview- Vision Times May 2020

Learn How Governments Use Big Tech to Conduct Mass Surveillance on Citizens!


Hermann Rohr, Editor-Vision Times, interviews tech industry insider Rex M. Lee regarding state sponsored mass surveillance conducted by Big Tech, The Soft Police State and more. Learn how tech Giants such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have turned your smartphones, PCs and other connected products into surveillance tools used by Nation State Countries in order to conduct Mass Surveillance on Citizens!

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Learn About Cybersecurity & Privacy Threats Associated With Hybrid Warfare!


Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison Interview Rex M. Lee Regarding His New Articles on Hybrid Warfare.  Learn about cybersecurity and privacy threats associated with Russia and China Pertaining to Hybrid Warfare- April of 2020

Read "Hybrid Warfare: Are you Prepared?"

Download "Hybrid Warfare: Are You Prepared?" by Rex M. Lee


In Hybrid Warfare Individuals, Govt. Officials, CEOs, Board Members & Corporations are Targets! Download The UN-Edited Version For Free:

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Article by Rex M. Lee for The Vision Times 04.09.2020

read "Hybrid Warfare: The rise of Soft Authoritarianism!"

Download "Hybrid Warfare: The Rise of Soft Authoritarianism" by Rex M. Lee


Learn how governments are using the global Covid-19 virus pandemic outbreak as a tool of Hybrid Warfare to spread influence and power, worldwide, while eliminating civil liberties in the process. Download The UN-Edited Version For Free:

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 Article by Rex M. Lee for The Vision Times 04.09.2020