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 Cybersecurity, Intelligence, and Privacy Advisory Services

cybersecurity, Intelligence, and privacy advisory services

Surveillance and Data Mining Business Practices Rooted In Surveillance Capitalism- Cybersecurity & Privacy Threats


Unsecure Telecommunications & Connected Technology

Today smartphones, tablet PCs, connected products, and PCs are supported by predatory surveillance & data business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism.

Smartphones, tablet PCs, connected products, and PCs are supported by Android (Google), Apple, and Microsoft apps that are developed by numerous multinational companies, including companies from adversarial countries.

Android, Apple, and Microsoft apps are supported by predatory terms of use enabling these multinational companies, including companies from China and Russia, to lawfully monitor, track & data mine the app user for financial gain even at the expense of the user's cybersecurity, privacy and safety.

Intrusive apps can even launch attacks on networks such as DDoS and Man-in-the Middle attacks putting networks, assets, and people at risk.

 These intrusive apps put your company's IP, infrastructure, data, plus confidential & protected information at risk which needs to be addressed by the board, C-suite, Legal, IT, and corporate security. 

My Smart Privacy can help mitigate these risks through Cybersecurity and Advisory Services.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory Services- Smartphones, Tablet PCs, and Connected Products


Tactical Protection at the Board, C-Suite, IT, and Employee Levels

My  Smart Privacy can help your business mitigate cybersecurity, privacy, and safety threats through an Executive Advisory Briefing that includes the following:

  • Tech Review- Smartphones, Tablet PCs, IoT/IIoT Devices, Connected Products, & PCs Supported by the android OS, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows OS
  • Terms of Use- Published T&Cs and Unpublished T&Cs
  • Summary of Risks
  • Needs Analysis
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Presentation
  • Solutions
  • Next Steps

We can provide an Executive Advisory Briefing in person or online via video conferencing.

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BLACKOPS Partners- Board & C-Suite Intelligence and Advisory Services


Strategic Protection at the Board & C-Suite Levels

My Smart Privacy is associated with  BLACKOPS Partners, Washington DC.  

The modern battlefield is everywhere today and targets include governments, citizens, companies, & critical infrastructure.  

IP coupled with confidential personal & professional information are the most valuable resources in the world.

Multinational companies, including nation-state companies from adversarial countries, are acquiring confidential information and intellectual property (IP) through intrusive technology, espionage, blackmail, hacking, and theft.

Is your organization proactive or reactive when it comes to cybersecurity, privacy, and safety threats posed by great power competition and asymmetrical warfare?

BLACKOPS can help prevent these threats through Intelligence Advisory Services that include a comprehensive Executive Briefing.

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My Smart Privacy- Proven Experience


Success from Experience 

My Smart Privacy founder Rex M. Lee has over 35 years of proven tech and telecom industry experience that includes:

  • Cybersecurity, Privacy, Intelligence, & Safety Advisor
  • Tech Journalist- MissionCritical Communications Magazine, The Wireless Messaging News and The Epoch Times
  • Public Speaker/Producer- 2019 Conferences Include IWCE, CERAWeek, ENTELEC, & Techno Security & Digital Forensics
  • Former Sr. Executive for an LTE service provider centered on building private networks that support critical infrastructure.
  • Former VP and GM for an enterprise platform & application developer, Houdinisoft.
  • Former advisor to the Department of Homeland Security regarding the DHS Study on Mobile Device Security Published in April of 2017.
  • Former advisor for the House & Senate Judiciary Committees regarding the 2018 Facebook and Google Congressional Hearings

Together My Smart Privacy and BLACKOPS Partners can help protect your company's IP confidential data, and information.

Rex M. Lee Background

cybersecurity, privacy, and safety advisory data sheet

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Current news and events

Techno Security & Digital Forensics 2019- Rex M. Lee Solo Speaker/Cybersecurity Session


Join Rex M. Lee at Techno Security & Data Forensics 2019 in San Antonio, TX.

Topic: Cybersecurity session centered on smartphones, tablet PCs, connected products, and PCs supported by the android OS, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows OS

Techno Security Sept 30 to Oct 2, 2019

New Article by Rex M. Lee- The Rise of Foreign Cybersecurity Threats


 Aug, 2019 News- Read the article, The Rise of Foreign Cybersecurity Threats, published by MissionCritical Communications Magazine.

The Rise of Foreign Cybersecurity Threats

ENTELEC Fall Seminar 2019- Rex M. Lee Keynote Speaker


Join Rex M. Lee at ENTELEC Fall Seminar in Odessa, TX.  Topic: Cybersecurity Threats posed by Great Power Competition from China & Russia.

ENTELEC Fall Seminar Oct 10, 2019

The Amsterdam Law Forum- Rex M. Lee Advisor


July 2019- The Amsterdam Law Forum invited Rex M. Lee to be an advisor regarding Surveillance Capitalism.  Read the Paper: Digital Gangsters- "Are Big Tech Giants Challenging Democracy"

Amsterdam law forum- digital gangsters, july 2019

The Oil IT Journal- Featured Rex M. Lee/OilComm 2018


May 2019- The Oil IT Journal featured a cybersecurity session held by Rex M. Lee at OilComm 2018 in which featured cybersecurity threats posed by intrusive apps.

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Read the series of articles, "Step Big Brother- Corporate Surveillance" by Rex M Lee by going to Tech News:

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Rex M. Lee- Cybersecurity & Privacy Advisor/Tech Journalist


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