Introducing Professional Open Dialog TV ("POD TV") Broadcast by ibm.TV

TechTalk Produced and Hosted by Rex M. Lee for IBM.TV

TechTalk POD TV Show.  TechTalk is the first show that will be produced by My Smart Privacy.  The Show will be hosted by Tech and Telecom Industry Insider Rex M. Lee.  Mr. Lee is Sr. Tech & Telecom analyst for BLACKOPS Partners and a Tech Journalist. 

TechTalk will be the first technology show produced and hosted by a true tech and telecom industry insider who has over 35 years of tech and telecom industry experience including senior executive and application development experience.

Like Mr. Lee's articles, TechTalk will deliver hard hitting journalism featuring news from a tech and telecom industry insider's perspective.

The new POD TV series, Tech Talk, is going to be centered on promoting new tech and disruptive startups while presenting cybersecurity, and privacy news.

The show will feature:

  • Tech News by Rex M. Lee

  • Cybersecurity & Privacy Information

  • Feature Tech Story & Interviews

We will be conducting interviews with top CEOs, CIO/CTOs, CISOs, IT & Cybersecurity Professionals, govt. officials, law makers, hackers who work for the good guys, and other tech and telecom industry professionals.

Live-Stream and On Demand Access.  The show will be lived streamed on the IBM.TV network each week plus copies of each show will be available by video on demand (VOD) just like a traditional Podcast but with video.

Revolutionary & Disruptive POD TV Format Produced by My Smart Privacy.  We believe that the POD TV format will change the industry in regards to how audio and video content will be broadcast by IBM.TV via multiple POD TV channels reaching billions worldwide.

Unlike other broadcast media, IBM.TV requires no hardware such as a Roku box or fees to watch.  IBM.TV is free and can be broadcast anywhere in the world including countries with limited access to the internet.

Surveillance & Data Mining Free Access- Private Internet Experience.  Unlike commercial Over The Top (OTT) platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, IBM.TV will not employ predatory surveillance & data mining business practices which are designed to exploit individuals for profit who wish to view content on the IBM.TV network and/or engage with TechTalk.

Viewer privacy is our highest priority as we wish not to exploit our viewers for profits at the expense of the viewers privacy.  We treat viewers as loyal patrons and not products to be sold to the highest bidders.

Viewer Participation and Investment.  Audience members are encourage to participate through interactive features such as connecting with live TV programs by way of traditional dial in and/or connecting via social media, text, and email.

Audience members are even encourage to invest in new startups through crowdfunding by way of platforms such as Indiegogo.

Viewers are even encouraged to invest in their own TV programming by producing commercial free POD TV programming.

Commercial Free POD TV Programming. Audience members are encouraged to contact IBM.TV in order to produce and host their own POD TV show while having their show Aired on Demand (AOD) via the IBM.TV network worldwide.

POD TV programming is also available to people who are already producing content such as TV shows, documentaries, films, animation, and traditional podcasts.

Corporations and businesses can chose to purchase their own IBM.TV channel to air their own commercial free content including films, documentaries, or even host their own POD TV show while engaging with their employees and customers.

POD TV producers can air commercial free content or chose to monetize their content.

Television Studio in a Box (TSB).  New POD TV producers will receive professional grade production equipment including HD cameras, microphones, platform access, and other tools needed to produce professional grade content from any where in the world.

New technology will allow a person to produce content plus air content immediately from any where in the world via the worldwide web. 

Be Apart of the Show.  Contact us if you feel like you have the expertise to contribute to a future episode or contact us to promote your organization.

Contact Info: If you are interested in producing your own POD TV show, owing a channel, or are interested in contributing to an episode of TechTalk, contact Rex M. Lee, GM and Producer for IBM.TV at Rex@MoneyMasters.TV or call (210) 639.6035.